Central content management system to control everything from one place

3D Wayfinder CMS is a flexible and powerful tool what is easy to use. Content Management System (CMS) gives you control over kiosks, mobile application and your web page from one centralized system. Find tutorial here and learn how to start with 3D floor plan creation by yourself.

Content Management System features

Basic CMS features:
  • Upload or change 3D or 2D maps.
  • Enter and change locations, manage routes, create groups and many more.
  • Adjust different parameters like route displaying options, camera views, floor buttons and more.
  • Change logos and images on the map.
  • Add or remove languages.
Admin view

In the projects view, it is possible to see all projects at once. It is also possible to view all projects as a 3D model. In the locations view, it is possible to see all the locations related to the project. It is possible add descriptions and images or logos to locations. All locations have room designations, group numbers, and floor designations.

Projects view
Locations view

Statistics module

It is also easy to get statistics about the usage of the kiosk on your site. Also for the management of property, it is important to get information about visitors and their needs. This is especially important in shopping centers where rents depend on visitor trends. The statistics module is also important for tenants. Through the module, they get information on how many searches they have had. Also, the statistics module is an important part of selling advertising to renters.

From statistics module you will get information about:

  • Which is the most popular location?
  • Languages do the visitors speak?
  • Which kiosk is used the most?
  • What time is the building directory most used?
  • Successful and unsuccessful searches?

The first chart shows the frequency of kiosk usage by day. The second chart shows the kiosk usage statistics by month. Sessions and clicks are listed separately.

Kiosk usage by day
Kiosk usage by month

Pie charts show statistics by location. The first graph shows the frequency of using the kiosk throughout the time. The second graph shows the statistics by month. And the last two frames show the statistics by week and day. The last table shows statistics by time of day by week. The bluer the cell turns, the more it has been used. Such a table gives a good overview of when customers visit the building and use the kiosk the most. According to such a table, it is also a good opportunity to display the advertisement at the time when the kiosk is used the most.

Location search statistics
Frequency of location searches by hours