Offline Wayfinding Will Guarantee Your Investment

July 20, 2020

Internet connection can be a fickle thing. Everything from natural conditions and technical problems to human error can jeopardize a stable connection. As a result, offline wayfinding may be needed as a fail-safe. For instance, a shopping mall might have issues with their internet connection because of the internet provider. This would mean that, without offline wayfinding, their investment into a kiosk or digital signage screen would suffer needlessly.

Lack of internet connection makes offline wayfinding a necessity
There are many reasons why your internet connection might fail

Offline wayfinding to the rescue

But we have a solution! Two solutions actually. Firstly, it’s possible to create an offline snapshot of the project. The add-on creates a static files of all the assets and modifies the template file for local use. To use the snapshot files you need a local web server  because modern browsers do not allow requests to local files. Also, the offline snapshot will still display advertisements and all other features, that don’t require internet connection. However, if you need to update the template you have to either connect the device to the internet or download an updated snapshot to a memory card and upload it manually to the device.

Secondly, you can opt for our Enterprise License, which allows you to host all files locally. This means that you can use our powerful CMS to manage all aspects of the template yourself, without any internet connection. All updates to the template, 3D model, advertisements or other integrations will be sent directly to the kiosks and screens. The devices need to be connected to the administrator panel either trough cables or a wireless network, like Wi-Fi for example.

In addition to offline wayfinding, choosing the Enterprise License can be a valuable investment. The Enterprise license enables you to have one hundred percent control over your data and host everything locally. This makes safety one less thing less to worry about. Also, you receive access to backend software, databases, maintenance scripts etc.

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