Back to School With Wayfinder

September 22, 2022

More and more schools are using wayfinder kiosks. Besides building plans and directories, touch screens are useful for providing information and promoting upcoming events. They are a good way to show lesson plans, contact data and transportation schedules.

Have you ever got lost in school? You might remember your first day in college and looking for your classroom. Besides dealing with natural first day stress and anxiety, you now have to look for the right room and worry that you will be late for class.

If you don’t remember this, then maybe you have been to an university building for a seminar or a conference, looking for the right room. You don’t have the time to wonder around and first thing you do is look for a building plan.

With wayfinding software it is much easier. You will see the upcoming seminar on the screen and with just one click, you will get directed to the right room in the right building. No more searching and wondering around.

Last year we finished setting up wayfinding solution for Haapsalu Vocational Education Center. They have a lot of students who are taking distance learning courses. As students drive to school 1 or 2 times a month. They are very happy to see wayfinding screen with a timetable.

school wayfinding software

In Haapsalu Vocational Education Center, wayfinding touch-screens are actively being used to promote different events – from Christmas Party and free courses to student exhibitions or defending final thesis. In information technology classes students can build their own map and use with 3D Wayfinder software. This allows student get practice in 3D modelling and see how it can work in real life application.

wayfinding software for schools and universities

For schools, colleges and universities we have educational discounts for wayfinding software licenses. Please contact us for more information.

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International Colleges Benefit Most From Wayfinding Solutions

February 13, 2018

Large school campuses are usually difficult to navigate for new students and visitors. We installed wayfinding  kiosks for Baltic Defence College which is international college with complicated buildings, facing the same “hard to find” problem. 

Baltic Defence College is located in a big old two-winged building with two modern extension buildings. It is an international school, which means that lots of foreign students, lecturers and visitors need to find their way to lecture halls and cabinets on time.

As if an old building with labyrinth-like corridors isn’t enough. The new part is connected to it with only one glass corridor. So going from the ground floor of the old building to a classroom on the fourth floor of a new building is quite a challenge for a newcomer.


Most of the university campuses tend to have the same problem. There are many buildings with hundreds of rooms. Even though class schedule is no longer printed out to put up on bulletin boards. Wayfinding is still left on outdated tools – if there’s any wayfinding solution at all.

Interactive wayfinding kiosks are the best answer for college wayfinding solution, in places like this. Of course they cost more than a printed map. But they are also much more useful, practical and can be used for multiple purposes.

In addition to showing directions you could use the screens for announcements, room change notifications, class schedules, bus time tables, events advertising and so much more. Kiosks could also be replaced by a mobile app and iBeacons for indoor positioning.

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