Indoor Positioning on Guide Robot, What Do You Think?

June 29, 2022

We see more and more development in robotics and machine learning. It raises the question how wayfinding software and services can be used in the future. Robots can be very helpful for visitors. Especially if we take into account older, disabled, or people in wheelchairs. Will robots help you indoor wayfinding in the future?

Today we can already see many robots in the military and in rescue. Additionally, we see great development in the service industry like in bartenders and chefs in kitchens. LG has become a significant robot developer in the service industry with their CLOi guidebot.

Robots help with indoor wayfinding

In Baltics, Hansab has their version of a service robot called Pepper. China is doing a lot of work in robotics as well, one company for example is Suzhou Pangolin Robot Co.,Ltd or Csjbot. This shows that robots are slowly but firmly entering to our everyday life.

How can robots or guide bots help with indoor wayfinding?

There are several ways how to apply robots in wayfinding:

1. Robot is moving around the mall, public space, hospitals, or university. Any person who’s lost can ask floor map and directions or perform additional tasks on the robot/bot touch screen.

2. Visitor can scan a printed QR code to ask the robot to guide them to the final destination. Scanning the QR code after that robot arrives at the visitor’s location and guides him/her to the desired location. This is especially useful for visitors who are older people, disabled, or in wheelchairs. For them using self-service kiosks might be harder to do.

3. In hospitals doctors move between different rooms and services might locate even in different buildings. Robots can guide patients to the right doctor or help to find their way to the right services. Robots can be signed to one patient or for group to help and guide them. For example, after a doctor’s check-up clients can ask for directions on-screen or ask the robot to guide them all the way to a blood test and after that to X-ray. We all know how big hospitals can be, even people with a good sense of direction can be lost sometimes.

Do you have experience or ideas on how to apply robotics to wayfinding? We are happy to know your thoughts in the comment section!

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3D Wayfinder team

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3D Wayfinder Summer Sales Has Started, Are You Ready?

May 11, 2022

This summer we have big discount campaign for our new and old clients. It is best time to order 3D
wayfinder for your kiosk or update your old maps to new and exciting ones. This is a truly an opportunity you can’t miss out!

3D Wayfinder campaign starts: 10th May and last till 1st of September.

Campaign conditions: when you order 3D or 2D map you will get our software free for a one
whole year or get huge discount from our lifetime license. We have also not forgotten our loyal
clients! If you want to update your old map we will offer you discounts like SaaS software license
for free entire year. Or, huge discount if you are lifetime license owner and want to update old maps.

For new clients we will offer:

  • for SaaS solution 1 year free license;
  • for lifetime license we have -900$ discount.

Interested to update your wayfinder map:

  • want to update your old maps then please contact sales and we guarantee free software for 1 year;
  • for lifetime license owners we have great option to update old 2D map to 3D map or
    update your old 3D maps to premium maps with 35% discount. Let’s give a new life to your
    wayfinder kiosks!

3D Wayfinder map update conditions:

  • 2D map ➜ 3D lite, standard or premium;
  • 3D lite map ➜ 3D premium;
  • 3D standard map ➜ 3D premium.

Find out the difference between 3D lite, standard and premium HERE

Looking more information before making decision

  • Check out our manual and user account possibilities HERE. You can discover more about navigation, projects, floor, materials, textures, locations, groups, 3D floor plan editor and project settings.
  • Find out how to get started with 3D floor plan creation HERE. You will learn about 3D maps, material and models.
  • Need help? Our tutorials are HERE. For example you can find out how to setup 3D Wayfinder app for kiosks.

Ready to order?

New clients please will our quote HERE
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White Label Wayfinding Software is it for You?

December 1, 2021

3D Wayfinder R&D AS has much to offer. For instance, let´s talk about our white label wayfinding software. Developing your own platform is costly, long and time-consuming process. But you don´t have to develop your own wayfinding system. You can buy our state-of-the-art white label wayfinding software.

White labeling is the best way to provide a software solution without having to build it from scratch. You can save money, time, and it doesn’t require any expertise. With our white label wayfinding software you can adjust the platform with your own logo, design and colors to match your brand. You can also have your own domain name and we will provide you with all the help you might need. It is easy way to sell wayfinding system. Contact our sales team to learn more!

3D Wayfinder R&D AS user account insight for logo replacement.
Only one example of how we can change the logo, but we can change so much more according to your needs.

We also provide the enterprise license, which enables you to have one hundred percent control over your data and host everything locally. This makes safety one less thing less to worry about. You can customize administration panel layout, configure the security settings and decide how to integrate your wayfinding with other applications. Our 3D Wayfinder Enterprise Server license will bring you whole 3D Wayfinder application with backend software, databases, maintenance scripts etc. With any extra questions do not hesitate to contact with us.

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WordPress Indoor Map Plugin

November 11, 2020

WordPress Indoor Map Plugin for indoor maps is an easy way to integrate building directory to your WordPress website. Keep the tenant info in sync on all your channels – web, mobile and kiosk. It allows you to connect locations on map with WordPress pages, show logos and additional info.

We have developed WordPress indoor map plugin for 3D Wayfinder. Plugin comes with stand-alone location management, but in can be used also with directory content from 3D Wayfinder.

Wordpress embedded map with locations and search

Plugin provides map, that can be included in any WordPress page. Besides interactive map, there are also search and browsing features. Floorplans are clickable, and it is also possible to link WordPress pages with map. This is a very useful plugin for all shopping malls, universities, airports, train stations and other similar institutions. The customer can open the 3D wayfinder map from their own device and click and move as needed.

Until the end of December we are offering WordPress Map plugin for $750 (one time fee, no monthly costs).

Named offer stands for all webpages on WordPress platform (we have done integrations with other CMS-software also, contact us about other options). 

The plugin is not yet listed in WordPress plugin directory, but it will be soon. we are working on adding simple 2D floor plan editor, so maps can be designed directly inside WordPress.

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Response to COVID-19 From 3D Wayfinder

April 30, 2020

We are in an oxymoronic time, where we must practice restraint and responsible social distancing., but also find find ways to continue commerce. 3D Wayfinder recognizes it’s responsibility as a member of the business community, but even more as a part of the wider humankind. Digital signage and wayfinding software have a part to play in finding a balance between caution and business continuity. Our response to COVID-19 is also shaped by this sense of duty.

Wearing face mask is mandatory in 3D Wayfinder R&D AS when meeting clients and business partners on response to COVID-19
Every precaution should be taken to curb the spread of SARS-CoV-2

A long-term response to COVID-19

3D Wayfinder is introducing a special program to enable organizations to make an inexpensive investment to keep their clients and staff safe. ALL OUR LICENSES ARE 45% MORE AFFORDABLE. This applies to projects that are initiated in the months of May and June. The aim of this offer is to encourage people to consider wayfinding software, even if they didn’t deem it necessary before.

Get a working application in a month!

Time is of the essence and we aren’t in the business of wasting it. You can get yourself a fully working wayfinding solution in a month! We have a dedicated and passionate team that is focused on delivering a quality product as fast as possible, without sacrificing quality. All we need from you are the plans of the building and instructions in the design of the User Interface.

Mobile applications

An effective response to COVID-19 is based on reducing unnecessary human contact. Here’s how we can help out. Mobile applications is the most direct way to communicate with people. A mobile app is easily downloaded and will guide people safely to their destination. You can place QR codes throughout the building to give people additional information. As a result you can reduce direct contact between clients and staff to urgent situations only. In case of an emergency you can send out a push notification with instructions. The statistical data received from people’s movements also makes it easier to plan your venue to ensure everybody’s safety.

Web application

The best thing about a web-based application, in the context of social distancing, is the ability to pre-plan your movements before leaving home. Your facility’s visitor’s can get exact instructions and not endanger themselves and others by wandering around. A web-based 3D model gives people a life true idea of what the building and hallways look like. Clients can scan QR codes on walls to access relevant pages of your website. We can also integrate existing functions of your website to create dynamic new opportunities.

Kiosk solutions

For obvious reasons touchscreen kiosks can be tricky. Thankfully there already are antibacterial touchscreens. Also, voice activated kiosks are an option. Kiosks are useful for conducting transactions without human contact. You don’t need two people face-to-face to register for an appointment, pay for one or print a prescription. Hospitals and other healthcare installations would greatly benefit from solutions like these.

In times like these it can be hard to know what exactly is the right response to COVID-19. People in positions of leadership are criticized for doing too much, and for doing too little. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. While we hope for the best, we definitely should stay on the side of caution. Consequently, creating options that ensure your clients’ and staff’s safety should be a priority for all employers. This isn’t the first and won’t be the last time that we face a challenge like this.

You can contact us here or get a quote here!

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Wayfinding for Transportation Hubs

April 13, 2020

Airports, harbors, railway stations and other junctions can be massive facilities. For example, the Shinjuku Station in Tokyo is one of the busiest in the world and services a million (!) people daily. The large number of commuters, staff, supplementary businesses and the train traffic itself need to be organized efficiently. This is the reason why wayfinding for transportation hubs should be considered.

3D Wayfinding R&S AS build and develops software for transportation hubs!
World Trade Centre Station

Comprehensive venue management systems and wayfinding for transportation hubs

Finding your way in a crowded unfamiliar place under time pressure can be a stressful experience for anyone. Having an intuitive 3D model of a transportation hub online helps people preplan their movements and also reduces the need for staff. But 3D Wayfinder solutions are so much more than just pointing people in the right direction. There are nearly endless ways to integrate the needs and functions of a a facility into our systems.

Making life easier for travelers

The kiosk solutions are an excellent example of that. Kiosks can be used to print tickets or identification cards. In the Sepinggan International Airport we created a solution that allows people to scan the barcode on their ticket and get directions exactly to the gate they need. Furthermore, it’s possible to create an integrated solution that guides travelers beyond the transportation hub. Showing relevant public transportation schedules, taxi contacts and their fares or even weather forecasts.

Untapped business potential

Implementing 3DWayfinder solutions also means opportunities for all the businesses involved with the venue. You can have local sales and special offers for the cafes, stores and restaurants. A flight is delayed? Why not have a discount for those passengers in a nearby Starbucks! With the mobile app it is easy to notify people about these kinds of special offers. Also, the mobile app is useful for letting people know about delays or other important announcements.

Increasing the venue’s efficiency

Another important aspect to consider is the managerial opportunities. It is possible to remotely control things such as lighting, humidity and ventilation. Remotely locking or unlocking doors in times of emergencies could quite literally save lives. The kiosks, website and mobile app users also provide valuable information about how travelers move and which facilities are the most popular. These insights can help make the facility more customer friendly and efficient. This in turn will increase the venues popularity over time.

Wayfinding for transportation hubs is certainly a way to take your operations to a whole new level. There are always ways to improve and to automatize certain functions. Making finding your way in a busy terminal, and therefore increasing customer satisfaction, should be a priority for all transportation hubs. Combining this with increased business and streamlined operations will be a winning combination.

Get in touch with us to learn more!

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Showing Names on the Wayfinder Map

April 11, 2019

Showing information for every location is something every user would expect from wayfinding solution. That info could be in pictures – for example logos, or other option would be in text – as a pop up window with name, opening times etc. Sometimes it might be just enough to display the name on the ceiling of every location and names on the wayfinder map in mobile phone. That keeps model simple and does not make it too flashy with all of the logos mixed up.

We are currently developing an add-on that would allow displaying all the names automatically if needed. When it’s ready it would mean just ticking a box in our content management system and all the names will be shown on your 3D model. There have been some customers who are interested in that kind of solution and therefore we thought that it would be useful to add that possibility.

Names, logos and opening times on wayfinder map. Custom solutions are ready for 3D Wayfinder R&D AS clients.
One example how names can be shown on the model

If you have your own idea of how your desired model should look like then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are friendly are ready to listen your thoughts. In any case, we are sure that showing names on the wayfinder map is very important for customers and shops.

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Use of Wayfinding Kiosks After Extending a Mall

December 18, 2018

Shopping mall “Eeden” in Tartu has just got a new look with some new 9000m2 of shopping area. After rebuilding the mall three wayfinding kiosks were also placed. We were happy to deliver them a beautiful and simple wayfinding software.

Lately we had opportunity to develop a wayfinding software to a mall that had just gone thru renovation process. Considering that before the adding the extension it was rather a small shopping center with just 18 000 m2 of total area. After adding another 9000 m2 of commercial area. Including new entertainment opportunities like cinema and bowling alley. It was essential to make sure that their costumers will find their desired location. Old shops are in new places. New shops have been advertised but neither the old or new clients know where to find them. We were happy to help them out and make wayfinding fun and easy.


Our opinion is that every mall deserves a wayfinding software to make sure that their costumers are happy and that they have a chance to discover different possibilities in the mall.

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