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3D floor-plans with skybox

3D floor-plan with skybox

New features in 3D Wayfinder include skybox, skybox textures can be set by our users via 3D Wayfinder. Skybox allows 3D floorplans to look more realistic and different kind of sky images can be used. Our customers from UAE and Kuwait prefer sunny sky, for projects in Northern Europe we add clouds to make the […]

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New pricing plans for 3D Wayfinder

We have revealed new pricing plans for 3D Wayfinder to support usage of 3D Wayfinder also in other areas than wayfinding. Simplest plan is now only $9 per month. This allows to create 1 project and access 3D Wayfinder CMS and API. This plan is suitable to get your 3D project started. First two plans […]

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Better text handling on 3D scene

This week saw among other things a refactor of the FRAK Engine’s TextComponent. It now has support for unicode and basic styling options used by the canvas text drawing API. The working principle is simple: the text is rendered to an off-screen 2D canvas element and uploaded as a texture, which is later rendered on […]

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