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3D Wayfinder @ ISE 2015


Last week we were participating at Integrated Systems Europe trade fair in Amsterdam. Our wayfinding software could be seen on Famasete Wingsys kiosks and also in ONELAN booth. Lots of halls, people and digital screens. This was a kind of event where you really need wayfinding. Hope to see a good wayfinding mobile app next […]

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Wayfinding vs Digital Building Directory


When we talk about wayfinding, we don’t just mean a building directory combined with a map. Modern wayfinding actually includes also calculating the shortest route and displaying it visually. The following small demo with a maze will demonstrate 3D Wayfinder’s path-finding capabilities.   Do display a route from the user location to the destination we […]

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Create wayfinding with just 2D floor-plan images


We have updated features for using simple 2D images for wayfinding maps. To use your existing drawings, just upload the image files under Floors page. If you have PDF-files You have to convert these into images (PNG, JPEG). We recommend to use at least more than 4096px images for a good resolution. We have added […]

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WebGL broken in Firefox 35.0.1 for Windows


Firefox 35.0.1 (released January 26) doesn’t handle order independent transparency. Firefox has added support for the EXT_blend_minmax WebGL extension, but at the same time something with additively blending on floating point textures has stopped working.               Under Linux FF 35.0.1 everything is working fine. We are doing some research, […]

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Visit us at ISE2015

Wayfinder ise_logo

We are participating at Integrated Systems Europe 2015 in Amsterdam 10.02-12.02. This year we are showing wayfinding solution with our Portugal partner Famasete. Famasete is a manufacturer of multitouch interactive tables and multimedia kiosks with really attractive design of the market. Famasete’s 42″ touchscreen kiosk TA007Q with 3D Wayfinder:             […]

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